The hazards of sex games

Should we try to avoid sexy games? I would never recommend to take your boyfriend or girlfriend to an orgy, or a swingers party, says Mina from London escorts. Swingers and people who go to orgies are really into some seriously kinky sex games. You might enjoy them, but other will not. It is best to be careful, and I have spoken to London escorts who have had massive fights with their boyfriends or girlfriends after coming back from orgies or swingers parties. There is just too much emotional attachment, and unless you are both into that sort of thing, you should not really go.

If you do like sex games, or attending swingers parties, it is much better to take a model or a friend. Since I have been working for London escorts, I have been to a few swingers parties on my own, but I have never taken my boyfriend. It is okay to go to swingers parties on your own, and most of the time they are crying out for girls. I know a few other London escorts who enjoy swingers parties, and sometimes we go to together. But, you have to be careful, remember to stay and play safe.

To be honest, I can’t see how many swingers couples can survive together. Since I worked for London escorts, I have sort become more comfortable to talk about these things with swingers, and it seems that most of them have met at swingers parties playing sex games. This is probably why they are so comfortable going to parties together. Personally, I don’t think it is something I would be comfortable with and I am pretty sure that most other London escorts wouldn’t neither. We sort of like to play, but when we play, we do it with what we call play friends.

Any kind of emotional involvement can just cause massive rows after you have played sex games, or come from an orgy. Let’s face it, orgies really are just sex games. Most London escorts are not really into orgies in a serious sort of way. There are some subtle differences between swingers parties and orgies. Like most other escorts in London on, I prefer swingers parties as they are kind of more innocent, orgies tend to be really hard core, and many of the people who go there are a bit over the top to tell your the truth.

Escorts for couples is a very popular service from London escorts, but even there you have to be careful. I always spend rather a long time talking to the couples that I visit to make sure that they are comfortable with having me around. It could be that one partner is more comfortable with you than the other, and sometimes, the other person may just be a bit too over excited. You have to tread carefully, and I think that most London escorts do really appreciate that in the first place. Playing together is not always as easy as it may first seem.

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