Chiswick Escorts on Best Kept Beauty Secrets

Escorts don’t very often share their beauty secrets but Chiswick escorts have decided to change the trend. It is about the time we shared some of our beauty secrets, says Diamond from Chiswick escorts. As a matter of fact, we should have done so a long time ago, but to be honest we just have not got around to it. Most escorts have them secret beauty tips, and a few of the girls from our agency is going to share their top tips with you.

beauty tips from chiswick escorts



Lucinda one of the girls who works for Chiswick escorts likes to make sure that she uses the right kind of skin care treatments. She says that it is vital that skin care treatments are as natural as they possible can be. Lucinda truly believes that natural beauty is crucial when it comes to looking. She told the Better Beauty Guide that natural skin care does not dry out the skin at all and that is what makes all of the difference. Also, natural skin care does not contain parabens which are associated with skin damage and many common skin complaints.


Maria who also works for Chiswick escorts believes that eating right is important. Not a day goes by without me eating an avocado. That really helps my skin a lot, and I think that it helps me in general as well. Avocados contain a lot of essential oils which are vital for good skin care and circulation. The average avocado really does pack a punch when it comes to the vitamin stakes. Not only is packed with important oils, it is packed with vitamin A as well. Vitamin A is essential when it comes good skin quality.


Feet, says Melina from Chiswick escorts, are my thing. As long as my feet is in good condition I know that I am healthy. I do spend a lot of time looking after my feet and I truly believe that taking care of your feet makes a difference. We spend so much time walking around in stilettos and I think that is a strain on your feet. I love natural beauty treatments and I think that your feet respond well to natural beauty. A good foot soak every day really helps me and I make sure that I give my feet some personal care and attention every day.


Another top tip from Chiswick escorts is to get plenty of sleep. Many of the girls do the night shift a lot and that can be really hard work. Once they get home they try to chill out as much as possible. Lighting some candles and doing some yoga works for me. I can really help myself when it comes to chilling out, and I know that it is vital for my overall health. You should set aside some time to look after yourself every day. If you can’t do that, something is a little bit wrong in your life. Learn how to value yourself as an individual and you will feel so much better.

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