London escorts and their sex toys

Ever since I joined London escorts. I built up a rather big sex toy collection. I love my sex toys, and

I have names for them all. My favourite sex toys are my vibrators, and I now have about ten of them. They all have their own names, and I have to admit that it was my idea. I am sure that most of the other girls here at London escorts do not name their sex toys but I did. The thing is that I like to be different, and I cannot see why you should not name your sex toys.

Before I started to work at London escorts, I was not that much into sex toys at all. But I was out buying lingerie one day when I came across a lot of sex toys in a sex shop in Soho, and I thought that I would try them. At the time I was with a friend of mine from London escorts, and we ended up spending a small fortune on sex toys in the shop. If you like, it was my initial investment in sex toys and got my collection started.

The other girls here at London escorts know me as the sex toy collector. I am sure that we are a bit too hung up about sex toys, and that we should be less embarrassed about them. Most of the girls here at London escorts think that sex toys have seriously enriched their sex lives and I would agree with that. Okay, it does not mean that all London escorts are mad on sex toys, but I do think that a lot of the girls here at the escort agency like them.

Sex toys can seriously enrich your sex life and even men can have fun with vibrators. They are very stimulating and can be used to stimulate the entire lower abdomen area even on men. Do I still buy a lot of sex toys? I do still buy sex toys but not as many as I used to do. When I first discovered sex toys, I used to buy a new one every week, but I don’t any more. Yes, I love them and I could spend all of my earnings from London escorts on sex toys but I don’t. The money that I earn at London escorts need to stretch a little bit further, and it is a matter of getting your priorities right.

Do all London escorts play with sex toys? Not all of the girls here at the escort agency are into sex toys. I think that some girls do not get turned on by them at all. When I first started to escort, I just happen to come across something that I like and that was the humble vibrator. I think that most girls here at the escort agency have got a vibrator. Even the girls who say that they don’t have some kind of sex toy. It does not matter if it is a love egg or a dildo. Ladies all like their toys and I think that is great!

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