Girls from Blackheath escorts on Film

I am not so sure what I should do. For the last couple of months I have been dating this sexy talent from Blackheath escorts. She is the most stunning beauty and has got the perfect figure. Let’s just say that this young lady’s curves are all in the right places. Last night, I had a terrible surprise. When I put my new sexy movie in the DVD player, up popped by babe from Blackheath escort services. She was enjoying a little bit of everything with a couple of guys who were really well endowed.
The thing is that I tale my girl from Blackheath escorts on a lot business dates. My colleagues think that she is my genuine girlfriend as she gives them that sort of impression. Unlike some other London escorts, she is never dressed like a tart. She may not be working for one of the premier escort agencies in London, but she certainly has got a lot of class. That is yet another thing that I really appreciate about her. But the fact that she is a part time porn star worries me.

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I don’t personally mind that she works as a porn star but I am worried that one of my business colleagues might see her. What would they think of me and what would they think of her? There is no way that all of my business colleagues would accept me dating an escort let alone a porn star. I am not saying that my babe from Blackheath escorts is a bad girl or anything like that. She is not but I have a feeling that they would not see it that way.
Should I tell her that I have seen her in the movie? As a matter of fact, she was so hot and kinky in that movie that I could not take my eyes of the movie. I wished that I could have been one of the guys with her. When I am not with my beauty from Blackheath escorts, I have tons of kinky dreams about her. The things that I could do with this girl are not worth mentioning, and I would love for her to be my full time girlfriend. She is the dream date for me and the best escort that I have ever met.
In my heart of hearts, I know that I am going to have to tell her what I have discovered. I just wish that she would have been honest enough with me from the start. Now I still worry about my friends and business colleagues are going to find out about my hot girl from Blackheath escorts. I never really meant to get involved with dating escorts. But after my second divorce, I was not really into getting involved with personal relationships again. I sort of drifted towards dating escorts and eventually found my dream girl at Blackheath escort services. How am I going to be able to give her up? I am going to be dreaming about her perfect figure forever more.

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