He spoils me…

I call him my Hermes man because he spoils me so much . As a matter of fact, I really don’t know that much about my Hermes man who comes to see me at https://charlotteaction.org/dartford-escorts Dartford escorts, but I do know that he is very rich and likes to have a lot of fun. He plays like no other man that I have met before, and he is the kind of date that any of the girls here at Dartford escort services would like to have. I am not sure where he found out about us, but he seems to revel in my company and that is really nice.

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His sense of passion is just amazing, and if you have always dreamed of a meeting a man who never gives up on you, he is the guy. We have spent a lot of glorious time together and I know that he will always come for more. When I ask him what attracted him to me and Dartford escorts, he just tells me it was something special about me. He has never said what it was, and I am not so sure that he ever will.

Almost as soon as I started to date him, the gifts started to arrive. The odd guy here at Dartford escorts may give me some body lotion, but this guy is fair more generous tan that. He does not only like to physically spoil me, but he also bring me presents. My most expensive gift so far has been a Hermes bag. I know how expensive they are so I asked him why. He smiled at me and told me that I give him so much more in return. I am not sure that it is true, but I do love my Hermes bag.

Most gents that I date at Dartford escorts may only spend an hour or two with me. This gent is totally different and likes to turn every date into the most sensual experience. He may presume that it is his expensive gifts that get me going, but he would be wrong. It is actually the gift of him that gets me going, but when I say that, he only smiles at me. But it is true, the gift of this man really does get me going.

The other girls here at Dartford escorts are very jealous of me. For some reason, this guy seemed to have made a beeline straight for me at the agency, and I have been his loyal date ever since. I am sure that there is something about me that reminds him of someone else, but we have never spoken about this. Like I say to my friends, he has never once forgotten my name in the moment. When he says my name, it is with such passion that I am not sure what it is all about. Is he missing a love by the same name? He really will not tell me and it is a bit odd. Anyway, he is by Hermes bag man, and bags or not, I really do like this guy.

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